Thomson Reuters acquires Pagero for $800 million in groundbreaking deal

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Thomson Reuters buys Pagero in $800 million deal – Summary


  • Thomson Reuters acquires Pagero, a Swedish e-invoicing and tax solutions company, for $800 million.
  • Pagero’s services will enhance Thomson Reuters’ indirect tax offerings and expand its global reach in the accounting industry.

Thomson Reuters has recently completed the acquisition of Pagero, a Swedish company specializing in e-invoicing and tax solutions, for approximately $800 million. This move marks the sixth acquisition by Thomson Reuters since the beginning of 2023, with a total acquisition value of $2.1 billion. The acquisition of Pagero is a strategic decision that aligns with Thomson Reuters’ goal of expanding its offerings in the accounting industry and enhancing its global capabilities.

Pagero’s services focus on digitalizing and automating accounts processes, particularly in the realm of e-invoicing compliance. This acquisition will bolster Thomson Reuters’ position in the accounting industry by providing customers with a more comprehensive suite of e-invoicing capabilities. Pagero’s Smart Business Network, which facilitates automated and compliant exchange of invoices and documents across various systems, will integrate seamlessly with Thomson Reuters’ existing offerings.

With over 80 countries implementing or planning e-invoicing regulations, the acquisition of Pagero positions Thomson Reuters to accelerate its vision for a globally connected suite of e-invoicing solutions. Pagero’s network is already compliant with regulations in over 75 countries, presenting a significant growth opportunity for Thomson Reuters in the international market.

Looking ahead, Thomson Reuters aims to leverage Pagero’s brand and advanced network to deliver additional compliance offerings in areas such as Global Trade Management, Supply Chain, and Vendor Risk. The strategic fit between Pagero’s e-invoicing solutions and Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE suite will bring enhanced compliance, workflow automation, and global scale to customers. This acquisition reflects Thomson Reuters’ commitment to innovation and continued growth in the accounting technology sector.

Overall, the acquisition of Pagero by Thomson Reuters represents a significant milestone in the company’s strategic expansion plans in the accounting industry. By integrating Pagero’s e-invoicing solutions with its existing portfolio, Thomson Reuters is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of customers in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

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