Transylvania accounting students assist community with tax filing.

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Transylvania University accounting students are providing free tax services to community members as part of a program that offers real-world experience. The program has been running since 1980 and is open to individuals earning $62,000 or less annually.

Key Elements:

  • Transylvania University’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program runs every Monday in February.
  • Accounting students gain real-world experience by helping community members file taxes for free.
  • The program has been running since 1980 and is open to individuals with an income of $62,000 or less.
  • Students like McLain Murphy appreciate the opportunity to learn and give back to the community.

Transylvania University has been holding its annual Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program throughout February. Every Monday, accounting students like McLain Murphy have been participating in the program, gaining hands-on experience while helping community members file their taxes for free. The program, which has been running since 1980, is open to individuals who earn $62,000 or less annually.

Christi Hayne, an assistant professor of accounting at Transylvania, oversees the program and emphasizes the importance of giving students real-life scenarios to navigate. Murphy, one of the students involved, appreciates the opportunity to learn more about her future career while assisting those in need within her community.

The program not only benefits the students by providing practical experience, but also serves as a valuable resource for community members who may not be able to afford professional tax services. By offering their expertise and time, the accounting students are able to make a positive impact on the lives of those they assist.

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Transylvania accounting students offer tax filing assistance to community members.

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