Treasury reverses decision on double cab pickup tax.

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  • The government has reversed its decision to classify double cab pickup trucks as cars, avoiding significant tax increases
  • This U-turn comes just one week after the initial announcement

The Treasury has made a sudden reversal on its decision to classify double cab pickup trucks as cars for tax purposes. This change of heart comes just one week after the initial announcement, which would have led to substantial tax hikes for owners of these vehicles.

The proposed classification would have meant that double cab pickups would be subject to higher benefit-in-kind tax rates, potentially costing owners thousands of pounds more each year. The backlash from industry groups and taxpayers was swift and forceful, leading to the government’s quick response.

Industry experts have welcomed the U-turn, noting that double cab pickups serve a practical purpose for many businesses and should not be penalized with higher taxes. This decision will come as a relief to owners of these vehicles, who can now avoid the financial burden of increased taxation.

Moving forward, it will be essential for the government to consult with stakeholders and carefully consider the implications of any tax changes before making announcements. This quick reversal highlights the importance of listening to feedback and taking into account the real-world impact of policy decisions.

Overall, the Treasury’s decision to reverse the classification of double cab pickups as cars is a significant development in the tax landscape. It serves as a reminder of the power of public opinion and the need for careful consideration when implementing tax changes that affect businesses and individuals.

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