Uncovering the truth: Forensic Accounting for Lenders & Servicers.

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  • Lenders and special servicers face challenges in monitoring borrowers’ compliance with credit agreements.
  • FTI Consulting offers forensic accounting investigations to address suspicions of accounting improprieties by borrowers.

Lenders and special servicers often struggle to ensure that borrowers comply with credit agreements. Borrowers may violate loan provisions, commingle funds, file misleading financial statements, and engage in other fraudulent activities. To help with these issues, FTI Consulting provides forensic accounting investigations for lenders and special servicers.

The team at FTI Consulting includes experienced forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, financial experts, data analysts, statisticians, and business intelligence experts. They analyze complex data and use investigative and forensic accounting methods to support legal teams with independent investigations and court-ready reports.

Some of the services offered by FTI Consulting include forensic investigations, litigation consulting, bankruptcy interest rate and plan feasibility challenges, financial advisory, expert witness testimony, disputed valuations, receiverships and interim management, restructuring and bankruptcy advisory, valuation services, fiduciary and interim management, and dispute and litigation advisory.

FTI Consulting’s forensic accounting services help lenders and special servicers address a range of challenges, such as accounting improprieties, non-compliance with loan provisions, conflicts of interest, misappropriation of assets, and circumvention of regulations. They also provide restructuring and bankruptcy advisory services, including liquidity assessment, cash flow analysis, bankruptcy plan negotiation, feasibility and interest rate analysis, and buy- and sell-side services related to distressed debt interests.

Furthermore, FTI Consulting offers valuation services, including collateral valuation opinions, fairness and solvency opinions, strategic advisory and transaction support, and dispute support services.

They also provide fiduciary and interim management services, acting as independent custodians of real estate and other assets. Additionally, FTI Consulting assists with every phase of the dispute resolution process, offering services such as early case assessment, pre-litigation strategy, discovery, litigation/mediation consulting, and expert testimony and trial.

The article includes several case studies that illustrate how FTI Consulting has helped lenders and special servicers with borrower investigations, lockbox compliance, expert testimony, and forensic analyses.

Overall, FTI Consulting’s forensic accounting investigations and other services help lenders and special servicers address suspected accounting improprieties and compliance issues, ensuring the integrity of their loan agreements.

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