Vistin Pharma ASA offers dividend for 2023. Payment in June, November.

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  • Vistin Pharma ASA proposed an ordinary dividend of total NOK 1 per share for the accounting year of 2023.
  • The dividend will be paid partly with NOK 0.5 in June and NOK 0.5 in November.

The article discusses Vistin Pharma ASA’s proposal for an ordinary dividend for the accounting year of 2023. The company plans to pay a total dividend of NOK 1 per share, with half to be paid in June and the other half in November. The formal decision regarding the dividend will be made at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 23, 2024. The key dates related to the dividend payment are also provided in the article, including the last day for inclusion of rights, ex-date, record date, and payment dates. This dividend proposal reflects the company’s financial performance and commitment to rewarding its shareholders.

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