Webinar: Valuing Opportunities in Growing Markets.

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  • This webinar will provide attendees with an inside view on performing valuations in emerging markets.
  • The agenda covers fundamental differences in scoping, engagement management, and methodologies tailored for country-specific differences.

This webinar on Valuation Considerations in Emerging Markets will provide attendees with an inside view on performing valuations in emerging markets and how it can vary from developed market valuations in a number of key areas. The agenda will cover the fundamental differences from a scoping and engagement management perspective, through to how methodologies must be tailored and applied to deal with country-specific differences. Whilst many aspects of a business valuation remain the same in emerging markets, applying the same methodologies and processes used in developed markets can result in material issues when concluding on the fair value of a subject company. The webinar intends to guide the attendee towards key areas to focus on and how to mitigate some of the fundamental challenges that are faced in emerging markets.

About ASA:

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