Xero aims to revolutionize SMB accounting with AI technology support.

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Xero is using AI to help small businesses with their accounting tasks through a new tool called ‘Just Ask Xero’ (JAX). This tool aims to automate repetitive tasks and provide personalized insights to improve efficiency. Xero has appointed new senior vice presidents to launch the AI tool and expand its reach through conversational interfaces. The company hopes to empower SMBs to do their accounting more effectively.

Key Elements:

  • Xero plans to use AI through ‘Just Ask Xero’ (JAX) to transform accounting for small businesses
  • JAX utilizes generative AI to assist business owners and advisors with accounting tasks
  • The tool will have a conversational interface across mobile, email, and WhatsApp to extend its reach
  • Xero aims to automate repetitive accounting tasks and provide personalized insights to improve efficiency
  • The company has appointed new senior vice presidents to launch the AI tool and support its customers during an AI revolution

Xero has announced plans to revolutionize small business accounting by utilizing AI to simplify accounting tasks for business owners. The company introduced ‘Just Ask Xero’ (JAX), a tool that leverages generative AI to assist in completing accounting tasks. Through conversational interfaces on mobile, email, and WhatsApp, Xero aims to make accounting more accessible to less savvy business owners.

JAX is designed to automate repetitive accounting tasks like generating invoices, editing quotes, and paying bills. It also promises personalized insights such as cash flow projections to help business owners make informed decisions. Xero’s Chief Product Officer Diya Jolly sees generative AI as the next big innovation in SMB accounting, following cloud accounting and automation.

To support the launch of JAX, Xero has appointed senior vice presidents for Data & Science and Product, including growth and AI products. This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to embracing AI responsibly and supporting its customers during the technological revolution. By empowering SMBs to streamline their accounting processes, Xero aims to give business owners more time to focus on core business activities.

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