Your Daily Accounting Briefing – 2024-02-07

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Let’s see what’s in the news today.

Chile Brings In $1 Billion From Digital Services Tax

Chile has collected over $1 billion from a 19% sales tax on foreign providers of digital services since introducing the measure in 2020.

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Accounting Firms Plan Increased Tech Investment Over Next 2 Years

Investing in technology is a key priority for accounting firms as they move into 2024, while mitigating the ongoing talent shortage and keeping pace with new laws continue to cause challenges for many within the profession.

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Accounting Seed launches AP automation feature

Following the launch of AR automation in 2023, Accounting Seed has announced AP (Accounts Payable) automation as the first product release of 2024. For

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Accounting Seed Unveils AP Automation: Optimizing Payments within a Single Platform

/PRNewswire/ — Accounting Seed, the #1 accounting solution built on the Salesforce Platform, unveiled its first product offering of the new year, AP (Accounts…

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‘Creative,’ An Adjective To Describe Your Accountant?! by Chris Capone

Have you ever used the word creative as an adjective to describe your accountant?!  
And, we’re not talking about “Enron” or “WoldCom” creativity.  
We’re talking about the accountants who can think outside the box and come up with solutions to meet the most complex business needs, while ensure compliance and adherence to all applicable rules and regulations.  That’s what I would consider a creative approach to accounting. 
We preach to our clients “the business should never work for the accountant,” or “the tail should never wag the dog.”  If there is a viable business plan to achieve the goals of an enterprise, the accountants need to charge themselves with ability and creativity to figure out a way to make the accounting work in a SIMPLE and TRANSPARENT way so that the business has a clear means of measuring their success.
We’re on a mission to make the world a better place through small business development, and being a ‘sparring partner’ for you and your business is our passion.    
If you see myself or anyone from my team at an event, please say hi.  We’re always happy to talk shop and brainstorm.  And if we can solve your problem over lunch or a beer, happy to do so!

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