2023’s Top 100 Trailblazers: Healing the Pipeline Gap!

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The 2023 Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting have shared their recommendations for fixing the pipeline problem and addressing the talent shortage in the profession. Their responses include:

  • Changing the messaging and branding of the profession to focus on the positive aspects, such as lifelong learning, unique opportunities, and financial growth.
  • Improving the educational focus to include more practical, hands-on experience and attracting well-rounded students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Engaging with high school students to educate them about the profession and dispel myths and stereotypes.
  • Eliminating the 150-hour requirement for CPA eligibility and allowing credit for internships or self-employment.
  • Telling the profession’s own story and showcasing its impact and value to young people.
  • Targeting individuals looking for a second career and highlighting accounting as an opportunity for life change.
  • Fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment within the profession.
  • Expanding the definition of public accounting to include non-CPAs and creating alternate pathways to CPA licensure.
  • Raising entry-level compensation and eliminating mundane tasks through automation.
  • Emphasizing the outcomes and advisory nature of the profession to make it more appealing to college students.
  • Rebranding the entire profession to be less focused on CPAs and more inclusive of different accounting disciplines.

The article emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to address the pipeline problem, including transitioning to advisory services, reforming compensation systems, reducing workload hours, embracing innovation, and reshaping the narrative surrounding the accounting profession.

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