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Here are some key points from the article:

  • A study found that ChatGPT, an AI language model, scored lower than human students when tested on accounting tasks, suggesting it has difficulty with logical reasoning and math-based problems.
  • Amazon launched a program called “AI Ready” which offers free AI training courses to over 2 million professionals around the world. The program aims to upskill individuals and provide opportunities for higher-paying jobs.
  • A new accounting software called Basil was launched by CoralTree, offering an all-in-one management tool for accountants and business owners. The software includes features such as task management, time tracking, reports, and QuickBooks online integration.
  • Xero, a cloud accounting platform, added new features to its platform including a bill payments tool called eInvoicing, which helps business owners manage and pay bills more efficiently.
  • Microsoft Edge, a web browser, is set to launch a translation tool for video content in four languages. This tool will make it easier for individuals to access online content in different languages.
  • OpenAI announced updates to ChatGPT, including the ability for users to create their personal AI assistant and customize ChatGPT for specific purposes. They also announced the launch of an app store for GPT creations.
  • Acer Aspire 3 and Acer Chromebook Spin 514 were named among the best laptops of 2023 by PCWorld. These laptops were praised for their features such as spacious keyboards, webcams, and battery life.
  • Google Maps introduced five new AI-powered features, including “Immersive View” which provides a virtual reality view of a chosen location, and “Lane Navigation” which gives users a detailed preview of their route in advance.
  • LegalZoom and Novo partnered to help entrepreneurs and startups simplify their financial and legal due diligence. By merging services, entrepreneurs can easily complete legal and banking processes.
  • Meta, the parent company of Facebook, added the ability for users to share stories from third-party applications using Facebook Stories APIs. This feature allows users to add tailored content and templates to their stories.

In summary, the article highlights issues with ChatGPT’s accuracy in accounting tasks, Amazon’s launch of free AI training courses, the release of new accounting software, updates to Xero’s platform, Microsoft Edge’s translation tool, OpenAI’s updates to ChatGPT, the best laptops of 2023, Google Maps’ AI upgrades, the partnership between LegalZoom and Novo, and Meta’s addition of story-sharing features. These developments have implications for businesses and professionals in various industries.

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