Accountants share family finance worries with two out of three

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Two-thirds of accountants believe it is important to talk to family members about finances and are confident in doing so. 77% of accountants advise their families on finances, with only 44% worried about high inflation rates affecting the economy.

According to a survey by Rathbones, 64% of accountants view discussing money openly with family members as crucial for financial wellbeing. The majority feel confident in their ability to have these conversations, with 73% reporting confidence in doing so. The survey also found that 77% of accountants give financial advice to their families based on their professional experiences. This highlights the importance of communication and transparency in managing personal finances.

Despite concerns about high inflation rates and global tensions impacting the economy, accountants remain fairly confident about the future. Only 44% of respondents were worried about the long-term effects of high inflation rates, while two-thirds (65%) were not concerned about ongoing global tensions affecting the economy. This indicates a level of resilience and optimism among accountants when it comes to financial planning and decision-making.

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