Tax implications for digital nomads: what you need to know!

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Summary of Article


  • Global shift towards remote work and rise of digital nomads
  • Digital nomad visas are increasing in popularity in over 70 countries

In recent years, the workforce has seen a significant trend towards remote work and the rise of digital nomads who work online while traveling. Many countries are recognizing this trend and offering digital nomad visas, but these visas do not necessarily address the tax implications for individuals working in different countries.

The tax consequences of digital nomadism

The article discusses how digital nomad visas, while solving immigration issues, do not relieve individuals from income tax or Social Security exposure. Only 12 countries offer tax breaks with the visa, while many others have income requirements for individuals to qualify. Failure to pay taxes in the country of residence and comply with withholding tax requirements can lead to compliance complexities that individuals may not be aware of. Remote employees and their employers are advised to proceed with caution to avoid creating permanent establishment status and exposing profits to tax in the remote country.

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