From accounting to automotive sales: my career journey in retail.

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Regina Purnell’s career journey from accounting to becoming the Chief Financial Officer at Great Lakes Auto Group is a testament to mentorship, hard work, and fostering the next generation of automotive industry professionals.

  • Regina Purnell oversees financial planning for 10 dealerships in three states as CFO of Great Lakes Auto Group.
  • Her career path from accounting at George Washington University to dealership roles showcases the importance of mentorship and hands-on experience.

Regina Purnell’s story begins with an unexpected turn when a training program for comptrollers at Ford was cancelled, leading her to start her dealership career as a payables clerk. Through hard work and mentorship, she progressed to become the CFO of Great Lakes Auto Group. Her commitment to fostering the next generation is evident through internship programs and partnerships with schools.

Additionally, Purnell emphasizes the importance of a culture of gratitude for employees, advocating for flexible work schedules and communication within the dealership. Her leadership extends beyond her role as she challenges peers to provide opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds in the automotive industry.

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