Ortac International Accounting: The key to relocating your UK business.

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  • Ortac International Accounting helps British citizens relocate to Dubai for company establishment services.
  • Dubai’s appeal lies in its flexible procedures, tax advantages, and status as a global trade hub.

Ortac International Accounting, led by founding partner Murat Ortac, facilitates the relocation of British companies to Dubai, a popular destination for foreign investment. With over 240 thousand British expatriates residing in Dubai and approximately five thousand British companies operating in the UAE, Dubai has emerged as a sought-after destination for international business ventures. Ortac International Accounting offers efficient and seamless company establishment services in Dubai, leveraging its expertise and strategic partnerships. They ensure swift completion of company establishment procedures and banking formalities within just seven working days, along with the provision of a two-year investor visa.

Dubai’s competitive edge lies in its low tax rate, zero percent personal income tax, and enviable expat lifestyle. Recent changes in tax laws and its removal from the grey list further enhance its appeal, making it an attractive hub for global business expansion. The strategic location of Dubai as a nexus between continents, with excellent infrastructure and connectivity, offers entrepreneurs access to investment opportunities in Asia as well. Ortac International Accounting specializes in helping clients navigate the complexities of international trade laws, ensuring efficient business expansion and compliance with local regulations. Collaborating with local stakeholders and authorities, Ortac minimizes bureaucratic hurdles and enables swift realization of expansion goals. Overall, Ortac International Accounting serves as a valuable partner for British citizens seeking to establish a business presence in Dubai’s thriving economy.

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