Your Daily Accounting Briefing – 2024-01-19

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The largest accounting firms in Central Florida

See the number of licensed accountants by firm, including members of the “Big Four” accounting firms. This list updates yearly, showing hiring and employee-retention trends. The List shows the total number of licensed accountants the firms employ statewide, showcasing which firms are entirely local and which have a presence in other Florida markets.

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Complexities abound in debt and equity accounting and valuation

What are the major accounting considerations when evaluating complex debt and equity financial instruments?

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ICYMI | Independence Matters

In Brief Auditor Independence is integral to the financial reporting system and trust in the capital markets. But recent cases against large audit firms

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Accountants Aren’t the Most Concerned About AI’s Impact—Except in One State

The study from DevRev analyzed online search data for terms relating to a list of careers to determine America’s top five jobs with AI anxiety.

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Revolutionizing Lease Accounting: Using Technology and Software to Streamline Business Efficiency

At this crucial turning point, a shift from beloved spreadsheets to dedicated lease accounting software has become imperative.

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