Remote partners: revolutionizing tomorrow’s work relationships?

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  • Remote partners in accounting firms are a small but growing trend due to changes made during lockdowns.
  • Increased sophistication of collaboration tools and talent pipeline challenges indicate that remote partners will continue to increase in number.
  • Remote partners, who make up about 5% of firm leaders nationwide, are predicted to grow to 10-15% as more firms focus on hiring based on talent rather than geography. The demand for high-quality talent, combined with a diminishing number of accounting professionals, contributes to the rise of remote partners, with larger firms leading the way. The idea of remote work is gradually becoming normalized, and the lack of resources in small firms is balanced by the talent they can attract through remote work offerings. Remote partners bring in new processes and upgrade workflow in smaller firms, offering geographic coverage and the ability to work all over.

    Changes in business models and the success of remote work during the pandemic have led to more professionals seeking remote work options, with some starting their own firms to accommodate this preference. Established firms like Aprio and Schellman have embraced remote work, with the latter being remote-first from the start. The idea of a remote partner is seen as not just a recruitment strategy, but also a growth strategy for firms, as it allows them to tap into talent from different areas and expand into new niches. The future of accounting firms may indeed involve a significant shift towards remote partners, with the potential for over 50% of firm leaders to be working remotely in the future.

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